I work in a broad field from art, architecture, graphical design and landscape design

From 1999 – 2018. I had been employed at Aalborg University Institute 19. First as a research fellow, PhD. in architecture and design, with a focus on virtual architecture and digital worlds. Later as an associated Professor in Digital design and virtual architecture.

In 1997 I made a TV program for the Danish television DR1 on future bridges to Copenhagen discussing new possibilities in urban planning using bridges for traffic and pedestrian bridges.

In 1998 I wrote and draw a weekly series of articles to the newspaper Politiken on historic building in Copenhagen. Furthermore for the same paper I wrote articles on Japanese design and pop culture and made illustrations for novels and feature articles. I worked as a teacher in storyboarding design and comic book concepts at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen and Kolding.

In 1990 I started on the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture at Professor Henning Larsen’s department of Architecture, Space and Form, and graduated from the architectural master programme in 1997. I have worked as architect with building design and construction, urban plan and visualization.

I have illustrated and written books for kids and teenagers and comic books by publishers as Gyldendal, Carlsen, Interpresse, Per Kofoeds forlag og Dansklærerforeningen. I have worked as Art Director for LEGO with the magazine ”Klick” and with world concepts and design scenarios.

For 10 years I worked as a professional graphic designer in my own studio “Mand over bord”, working with Magazine layouts and concepts cd covers, music videos, scenography and comic books. It was newspapers and magazines as Extrabladet, Politiken, BT, MIX, and Blitz and covers for EMI and

Medley Records. Videos for EMI and Danish Television: DR 1.

In 1975 in started on Danmarks Designskole and graduated in 1979 with a master in graphical design. Danmarks Designskole is an educational institution under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

Born 6/8 1952. Bornholm. Denmark.



Publication list

Books on architecture and design:

"Bridge in Berlin"  Aalborg University Press  2018. 

“The Dialogical Imagination. A phenomenological study of: Space, meaning and identity”. Aalborg University Press 2011

“Play Your City: The Botanic Garden in Aalborg and Writers path” Axis Mundi art Press 2009.

”Place no Place” Axis Mundi art Press 2007.

”Pandoras æske” Metode antologi i architecture and design: Aalborg Universitetsforlag 2005.

”Stedet der ikke er. Aspects of the virtual architectures origin exemplified through science fiction films”. Aalborg Universitetsforlag 2003.

”Political posters.” Husets forlag 1982.



“PLAY YOUR CITY: Technophobia and intuition”. “Virtual worlds for architectural visualisation and community participation” Special theme issue of "ITCON (IT) 2010: on the use of game technology in urban design and planning. Forskning: Konference artikel, peer reviewed.

“Travelling between real and unreal cities, and how to change between daydreaming and architectural intervention” Pihl Ole Verner 20 s. ATLAS annual conference 27–29 may 2009. Experiencing Difference, Changing Tourism and Tourists' Experiences Conference Aalborg. Forskning: Konference artikel, peer reviewed.

Case study on Writers path: Aalborg Botanic Garden a experience of simultaneous visions. Pihl, Ole 12 -14. November. SID 2008: Space = Interaction = Discourse international conference Aalborg. Forskning: Konference artikel, peer reviewed.

“A place for mutual reconciliation and peace? Technology and interaction”. Pihl, Ole Verner. 15. S. Bridging the north-south. Cross-cultural understanding in tourism. 21 -24 October 2008 First European conference on Tourism and Peace. STENDEN UNIVERSITY The Netherlands. Forskning: Konference artikel, peer reviewed.

Selling or telling?: A theory of ruin value:  Pihl, Ole Verner. 2008. 16 s. Selling or Telling? Paradoxes in tourism, culture and heritage Brighton, United Kingdom. Forskning: Konference artikel, peer reviewed.

Learning from Potsdamer Platz and Crysis New technologies in urban spaces” / Pihl, Ole Verner. Chalmers Gøteborg. 24 - 26 april. 2008. ARCHITECTURAL INQUIRIES Theories, methods and strategies in contemporary Nordic architectural research. Forskning: Konference artikel, peer reviewed.

The Tower as a Metaphor and Concept : Overcoming the Material through the Virtual - Future Realms of Tourist Experience. / Pihl, Ole Verner. 2007. 11 s. Konferencen:   Things that Move: The Material Worlds of Tourism and Travel, Leeds, Storbritannien, 19. juli 2007 - 23. juli 2007. Forskning: Konferenceartikel, peer reviewed.

Using the "Cave" technology as a tool for sketching and playing and interacting with your city... / Pihl, Ole Verner. 2007. s. 221-240 Konferencen: Computer graphics and Artificial intelligence, nr. 10, Athens, Grækenland, 30. maj 2007 - 31. maj 2007. Forskning: Konferenceartikel, peer reviewed.

The tree, the garden, and the landscape: Traces of the "concrete metaphysic" in global architecture. / Pihl, Ole Verner. 2007. 14 s. Konferencen: Landscape and landscape architecture, Århus, Danmark, 19. april 2007 - 21. april 2007

"The architecture and fiction in level design". :  Production consumes and culture in the experience economy.. / Pihl, Ole Verner. I:   "The architecture and fiction in level design". : A new challange and a new art form. 2006. s. 1 -10 . Forskning: Konferenceartikel, peer reviewed

"Utopia and dystopia at the virtual space". / Pihl, Ole Verner. I: Architects in the 21st Century. Agents of Change? : Nordic Association of Architectural Research Annual Symposium 2006. Scool of Architecture : The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Scool of Architecture, 2006. s. 54 - 67 Forskning: Konferenceartikel, peer reviewed.

"Drawing new territories": Between the analouge, the digital and the intuitive dream. / Pihl, Ole Verner. I: Drawing new territories 3rd symposium of design recharch : Swiss Design Network 2006. 1 udg. Swiss : Geneva University of art and design, 2006. s. 1 - 9 Forskning: Konferenceartikel, peer reviewed.

"Kami and spirits of the place". :  2nd Aalborg University Conference on "INTERNATIONALISATION OF COMPANIES AND INTER-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT". 25 - 27 October 2006.. / Pihl, Ole Verner. 2006. s. 1 - 8 nr. 2, Aalborg, Danmark Forskning: Konferenceartikel, peer reviewed.

Portalen den snoede søjle og himmeltrappen. / Pihl, Ole Verner. I: Pandoras Boks : metode antologi. red. / Ole Pihl ; Lars Botin Jørgensen. Aalborg : Aalborg Universitetsforlag, 2005. s. 171-180. Forskning: Bidrag til videnskabelig bog/antologi

Kan den analoge intuitive og den digitale skitsemetode skabe en ny syntese? / Pihl, Ole Verner. I: Nordisk Tekniklærer møde : konferencerapport , 10.-11. juni 2004, Arkitektskolen i Aarhus : Form Process og Teknologi. 1 udg. Arkitektskolen i Århus, 2004. s. 57-63 Forskning: Konferenceartikel.




Articles on architecture and design:

Daily paper ”Politiken”: ”Bridges to Copenhagen”, - on urban planning in Copenhagen” A future with no face”, - on planning at the port of Copenhagen/" The new dream machine, - on Japanese Manga & Anime culture/”Small originals, - a series on 12 articles on small original architecture in Copenhagen for Politiken.1998.  The Danish Architectural magazine:” Bridges for the city,” 1988

Video and TV-produktioner:

DR 1: ” Broer til København” 1997 / DR 1 Naja Maria Aidt: ”Forvandlingen er Orange” Lyrik video. 1997.

Illustrations for non-fiction:

Ole frøstrup, Gyldendal: ” Ildens Bjerge.”/ Lisbeth Ohm, Høst og søn ” Hvem er bange for Aids?”/

Dansklærerforeningen. ”Skolens verden.” / ”Lovens lange arm.”/ Gadekær og grillbar.”/ Danskbogen 3. / ”Tekster fra 70´erne.” / ” Den store krig.”/ ”Mennesker i krise.” / ”Ny teknologi i virksomheder.”/ ”Betonliv”./

Københavns Kommune: ”EnergiLex.” / Københavns bogforlag: ”Atomkrig i danmark”.

Illustrations for novels and fictions:

Ole frøstrup, Gyldendal: Menneskerobotten.”/ Slangedronningen.” / ”Den store krig.”/ ”Kvindernes planet.”/

”Kongen Sejrer.”/ ”Mændenes oprør.”

Dansklærerforeningen: ”Den hemmelige skuffe og andre noveller.”/

William Gibson, Per Kofoeds forlag: ”Neuromantiker.”/”Count Zero.”/ Monalisa overdrive.”/ ”Virtual Light”.

Comic books manuscript and Illustrations:

Ole Pihl, Interpresse: ”SlangensBud”/ Ole Pihl, Carlsens forlag: ”Det Hvide guld” / Ole Pihl, ”Nordstjernen” / Forlaget Bogfabrikken: Ole Pihl, ”Billeder af Harry.”/ Ole Pihl, Gyldendal: ”Victor og den blå kannibal” 1 og 2.

Short stories:

Ole Pihl, Forlaget Donna: ”Jeg kan få alle dem der vil have mig”.

Comic books with  other writers.

Gyldendal:, Jens Martin Eriksen, Ole Pihl: Mozart i vinden”./ Borgens Forlag: Jens Tofteskov, Ole Pihl: ”Leif i

Forstaden”/ Carlsens Forlag: Jens Tofteskov, Ole Pihl: ”Som blommen i et æg”.

Illustrated books for kids:  Gyldendal, H.C.andersen, Ole Pihl: ”Den onde fyrste.”

Mit haveatelier, hvor jeg er næsten klar med bestilling af landskab fra færøerne